Think Kit D31-Stepping into New Territory

I have some attentional issues, so I’ve become pretty skilled at breaking down and organizing tasks that need completing in life. I love lists, order, and I make a concerted effort to focus on whatever my next step is lest I become overwhelmed and do nothing at all.  This said, I was glad to see a prompt asking me to identify one step I need to take to support a goal I have for 2014.  Not only did this directive fit into my life schema of productivity, but is relevant to my last post about resolutions.

I love writing. In school, words made sense to me whereas math made me want to crawl under my desk and disappear. Since I was a kid, my sleep has been fraught with dreams that emulate alternate realities with character development, backstories, chapters, foreshadowing, and symbolism. The mind-movies I created when I was a graduate school intern working with people who endured complex traumas were unreal. Horrible, really. Those nightmares could’ve raked it in at the box office had a screenwriter gone all psychological thriller on them. My closet is full of ideas from these dreams, as well as a lifetime’s worth of journals and poetry. I’ve written some damn persuasive pieces that scored me good grades in school and led to a few changes of heart from my folks in their parenting decisions.

Ultimately though, loving writing and having good ideas are somewhat irrelevant to writing a great screenplay. I’m acutely aware that this is a totally different medium requiring me to learn how to write in a totally different way. New terms, new formatting, new ways of actively describing everything I see in my brain-all woven tightly together into a 110 page script. So, being that it’s the last day of this Think Kit blogging challenge, I’m signing off as a regular blogger and signing on as an aspiring screenwriter. Who knows if this film will ever come to fruition, but I’ll proceed with the philosophies I instill in my kid: trying your best is the best you can do and people are good at doing hard things. Heck, there’s no math involved, so there’s a chance this could go my way.


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