A Good Reason to Make Heart-Shaped Sandwiches

This morning, my son was overtired. He was terribly whiny and melted down when the table was in the “wrong spot” and when his Daisy Duck figurine wouldn’t stand up (which she never has). He tested my boundaries and my patience. I took many deep breaths this morning.

This afternoon, we ate lunch with Raffi’s “Every Child” on in the background.  Listening intently, J stopped mid-bite and said “Mama, come here”.  As I leaned my face close to his, he looked me so directly in the eyes I think he saw through to my heart. He put his hands on my cheeks and whispered “I love you, Mama”.

And that is why I cut his sandwiches into hearts and dinosaurs and work my hardest to make that Daisy Duck stand up-even on days when he’s devastated by basic house rules. That sweet face that smiles into mine with love makes me want to try my hardest, take deep breaths, and reach for that cookie-cutter.


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